Saturday, October 29, 2011

Martinmas Inspiration

From Waldorf Mama's post about Martinmas last year

Two things about me: 1. I am a planner. 2. I like to 'see' what something looks like before I do it, to get familiar with it and be inspired by it.

Therefore, when it comes to Waldorf celebrations in our home, I really like to see images online and in books and from pictures I have taken in years past. These inspire me to create our own celebration from the culled work of others over the centuries. We're talking about ancient celebrations here! Reading about the Saint or how the event was celebrated in years past also inspires me. In an effort to plan our Martinmas celebration, which will happen right before we leave Bali this year, I am doing some planning now. First, we'll have our costume party next week and then E's birthday. It's all coming up so quickly in our last month here. Then there's Korea to plan! 

'That I May Bear a Light' from Uncommon Grace is an inspiring post!

Recipe for GF Cookies and a Beautiful Lantern from Nourishing Meals

'Martinmas in the Waldorf Home' from The Parenting Passageway with 'The Pumpkin Pie' song linked

Super Cute Lanterns from Rhythm of the Home which could be done in paper, as we don't have access to felt here in Bali. 

Concise story of why we celebrate Martinmas from Frontier Dreams

A Martinmas story and how to make lanterns out of balloons, crepe paper and paste from GardenMama

Yet another simple Martinmas post from Waldorf Mama.  

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Bending Birches said...

beautiful links..this is my fav. festival to celebrate with children!