Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yes, it is taking us a while to get settled back into our home...while at the same time we are so comfy and thankful to be here that the transition feels so much easier this time around.  We spent some time sorting through closets and bags of clothes to find warm enough clothes.  All was secured before we left so it would be easier to return.  Yay!  We're still sorting and prepping for the upcoming holidays.  We are thankful to be back at our home church and celebrating Advent.  We are thankful to be seeing special friends, again.  We are soooooooo excited about the Waldorf Holiday Faire this weekend but bummed to hear candle dipping isn't happening.  We enjoy that most each year.  It did snow last year when we were standing in line for lunch so we're hopeful for another treat like that!

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Mel said...

happy you are home :)